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A range of pastry bags for all needs:

Ancora 1

Sac a poche Comfort Line

Pastry bags in transparent multilayer material for maximum resistance to pressure.

Completely transparent, they allow you to easily see the product contained.

Produced with a special co-extruded film made up of 3 different layers.

The outer layer is characterized by a rougher surface, suitable for handling the bag.

The central layer is the one that gives unparalleled resistance   and acts as a "barrier" between the outer and inner layer.

The inner layer is produced with a much more slippery film to facilitate the slipperiness of the compound and its release.

Sac a poche in 100% recyclable transparent multilayer material. Completely Made in ITALY produced in the Gelmag plant. Thickness of the coextruded material 80 microns. With SUPER RESISTANT double welding suitable for hard doughs, both hot and cold.

Hygienic and suitable for contact with food in accordance with international directives.

Roll of 100 pcs with dispenser box that can also be customized with the customer's logo.

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