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A range of pastry bags for all needs:

Ancora 1

Sac a poche Antislip Line

Pastry bags in 100% recyclable material.

Produced with a multilayer system, it allows, thanks to the rough surface  non-slip,   an excellent grip even in work situations with greasy dough or with wet hands.

Double welding for a SUPER RESISTANT seal, slippery inside for easy use.

Suitable for both soft and hard, hot or cold doughs.

Supplied with dispenser box.

Available  in transparent multilayer material.

Their two-tone feature allows them to operate professionally and safely.

In fact the transparent side allows the visual inspection of the product inside the sac a poche  while the colored side allows the identification of the cut parts.

Hygienic and suitable for contact with food in accordance with international directives.

Roll of 100 pcs with dispenser box that can also be customized with the customer's logo.

Sacca _verdenew.png
scatola sac a poche
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